Staff Conditions

Hours of work
Depending on the position within the company, the hours of work are either 48 hours or 44 hours per week.

An employee’s salary (GROSS amount) will be in accordance with the company’s salary grade for the position to be held, the job description: the function, duties and responsibilities. Employees are paid their NET salary (less PIT and insurance contributions) monthly.

13th. Month Salary
The 13th. month salary is equally divided into two parts and paid in two months of a year respectively, with the salary of June and December.

Bonuses / Profit Share
An annual bonus or profit share (linked to a project) may be paid, which are subject to the annual profitability of the company.

Personal Income Tax (PIT)
All employees are subject to PIT in accordance with the law.

All employees are subject to the following insurance contributions in accordance with the law:

  •    Social,
  •    Health, and
  •    Unemployment.

Annual Leave
All employees are entitled to 18 annual leave days every calendar year after work 1 year for company.

Public Holidays
All employees are entitled to follow public holiday of cambodia.

Leave (other types)
Personal, Sick, Maternity, Special (Marriage [self & child] & Death) and leave without pay is available in accordance with the law; and the company’s Labour Rules.

An issue of uniforms are provided to employees every twelve months.

Annual Medical
All employees are provided with an annual medical examination.

Accident Insurance
All employees are covered for work related accident.