An investigation for the new Koh Norea intake station

An investigation for the new Koh Norea intake station

On 18th May 2023, The Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority conducted an investigation for the new Koh Norea intake station and the surrounding area of the newly developing Koh Norea, under the leadership and supervision of His Excellency Kittisethabandith Cham Prasidh Senior Minister for Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation.

The Koh Norea Replacement Intake Project has been started construction from April 2021 and will be finished on June 2024. This project has been constructed on 1700 square meter which 24 meters width and 73 meters long which is separated with 2 main areas. One front part is usage as general platform which has Guard House, Electrical Building and 2 Raw Water Main Transmission with diameter 1.4 meters. Another part is usage as Water Intake and Raw water pumping station that has pumping capacity 430 000 cube meter per day.

Investor: Overseas Cambodian Investment Corporation (OCIC)

Main Contractor: Cana Sino Construction Corporation (CSCC)